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Riccardo De Marchi , Bruno Querci | 2011


20 January to 19 March 2011
Catalog with essay by Walter Guadagnini
Opening Thursday, January 20, 2011 18:30
The cultural association Ars Now Seragiotto is honored to host Riccardo De Marchi and Bruno Querci, two artists who now for several years are, in different ways, but only one, a credit to the Italian contemporary art world.

Below we want to introduce you, through an extract from the "small dictionary" created specifically for the exhibition by the critic Walter Guadagnini, for a better view and understanding of the work accomplished by the two artists in our gallery.

CONSISTENCY: the Devoto- oils defines it as "logical consistency or affective in thought and deed": it would be difficult to find a term that best describes the attitude of Bruno Querci and Riccardo De Marchi compared to artistic creation, despite the evident diversity of individual paths and results.

LIMIT: among the many definitions, you can choose this: "Value stating conditioned entity or extension of an activity, an action, a behavior, a benefit or a characteristic property."

Specifically the work of the two artists, the concept of limit and overcome it seems to be absolutely central, foundational, with the result that as the feature most instantly recognizable in paintings by Querci and in steel and sheets of De Marchi.

LIGHT: Beyond the literal definitions, it is interesting that extensive and figured: "As a precondition of visibility, the term may indicate the condition, objective or subjective, interpretation (...), or be taken as a symbol of evidence or clarity, as reason or assumption of an attitude or behavior (...) and also of any event which is recognized the power to raise intellectually, spiritually or morally ... ". Now, light is a recurring theme in the paintings of Querci, even those exposed on this occasion, and the choice of De Marchi to use materials such as Plexiglas or stainless steel mirror touches quite clearly the theme of light and brightness of the surface. In Querci, light is figure; De Marchi, the figures are created from light.

SPACE: "The field is available for objects of reality as we consider identified by a location or position, with size, and capable of movement", this is the literal definition.

The canvases of Querci reveal, in a prolonged gaze - absolutely necessary to be able to have a meaningful experience, since this is the painting that refuses quick look - a continuous spatial becoming, buy different size, push him toward the viewer or to recall its rules, they Contour following the movements of the lines and lose shape when you get carried away by the light. The works of De Marchi instead play with space, they determine and they are determined. Since their conception (the holes are space), the surfaces of De Marchi are measured with the space, there is sometimes adapted, sometimes force him to change it up, sink into it or reflect it. In this report, once again, De Marchi has its limits, and set their own place, one that defies definition specification, each dictionary, ask for the matter and to make a gesture of pure spatial and emotional extension. Finding in this place the painting Querci, it's there forever. At that moment, in the gallery space, there is a real meeting point, a column, on which begins another story.

It is not easy to express and / or try to explain with four terms an exhibition so important but we believe that by combining the essay by Guadagnini to the vision of the works on display, everything will be 'in the eyes of art enthusiast, much more pleasant and significant.

During the exhibition, a bilingual catalog with reproductions of the works exhibited in the gallery accompanied by a biographical and bibliographical apparatus.

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