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Flash Show 2

A slender and elegant dancer, a real tribute to lightness, seems to dance suspended on the porch. And 'this figure, the thin and white filaments, which introduces us to "The Color of Women", another Flash Show of the Cultural Association Ars Now Seragiotto.

Inside the gallery, the protagonists are Laura Stefani and Marco Quirin. She Padua, Milan he globetrotters, have accepted an invitation to compete on the figure of the woman. stylistic figures, models and different stories to tell, in a specially dedicated room, a female universe clove. A veiled woman (Can not wait to see you), which we can only see his eyes, perhaps sad, perhaps resigned, Quirin is opposed by the silhouette of a woman (Bottom lines) it seems to us naked, provocative but not vulgar .

The cold geometry is to merge with the warmth of wool threads, the brightness of colors with metallic threads.

At the base, the respect for all women, whether Muslim or Christian, rich or poor, Western or Eastern, famous or unknown.

"They all have a common DNA - supports convinced Quirin - as if very different products were designed and made by the same factory. Mother Nature. She has thought of many colors, but each reflects light in a unique way. All possess grace and have the strength of a solid root. Each of them produces and grows life. They paste families and are a source of continuous energy, like the sun. If I had to define what sex is the sun, we should change the article. "

love concepts expressed also by Laura Stefani. In his case, a maternal feeling to represent their daughters, using sweaters, swimwear pajamas, faded, pitted and felted, could not - in the eyes of the most - become nothing but rags. art and soul power.

Bold in its own way, Laura Stefani. Almost hidden behind the conventional image of a scholar, mother and wife, hides in fact spirited artist, whose challenge is to re-evaluate the matter by a negative connotation, what is plastic.

"Hardly believed beautiful, charming and warm as with other materials. Often its identity is imprisoned from being a denial, extremely difficult to dispose of. The choice of using plastic - tells Laura - was dictated by the desire to give, through an unconventional use, a second chance to a material that cleared the prejudices, my eyes had something positive: transparency, lightness, a significant range of colors, zero cost. "

And so by the simple combination of funds of colorful bottles are born works like "Rose Window of the Cathedral" and "Heart in flames." And it's like coming back again, with a strong empathic, to artistically translate the concept of woman.

They are alike in some ways, the two artists, and it is a conscious choice to share the same exhibition space. For both, the gesture, the hands and fingers are characteristic features of their language.

Mark Quirin is a kind of tightrope looking for a space between idea and practice, concept and craftsmanship. A search that continues on the same path Castellani, Manzoni, Bonalumi and that materialize in the use of the nail. In the entire print run of wires manual with which to create the lines, points, of the nodes. The canvas is thickened of matter: the first experiments with powders (vanilla, saffron ...) landing to copper wires, wool and cotton. Small gardens, defines them, where to cultivate the thoughts, the memory, the present.

"I have not been worrying trauma in my life - writes in his website - I prefer to create interest in the observer with memorable color impacts and small didactic cards, rather than with blood dripping (although appreciated in some cases ...)" .

Even Laura Stefani fills his works of matter and feeling. Yesterday with bottles, today with the bubble wrap,

(Modern packing plastic) composed mostly of air bubbles, having, for about nature, cushion the blows.

"I compose portraits patiently by replacing the air with fragments of tissues that differ in composition, weight, color, but they are all united by a single rule: to truly belong, in one way or another, to the subjects portrayed . "

So "Cells", portrait of the small Massimo, hidden among others, the white cotton of a pair of calzettini really that child has worn, the wool of a hat of his great-grandmother, a prized material for a mens suit, wish for the days to come. Even for "Peggy" were used towels, blankets, pillows belonged to the dog. The same for the exciting portraits of three daughters.

Two artists who are not afraid to make us discover how beautiful "The colors of women." She, Laura Stefani, through plastic "matter amazingly full of feeling." Enough to translate, through him, important emotions like love and family. Him, that the strength of his works adds us strength securities (simple and straightforward) and poetry: "Chromatically - writes Marco Quirin - the colors of all women of the world would create the rainbow most complete and radiant. My woman is turquoise, but has the same DNA as all. She, in of itself, has all the colors. "

This exhibition is not done conceptual qualms about mostracene a large part.

                                                                     Padova 2011

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