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Flash Show 1 : Paolo De Cuarto

"Carosello Retro" Paolo De Cuarto

24 March-19 April 2011
Opening Thursday, 24 March 2011 18:30

The Cultural Association Ars Now Seragiotto presents its first Flash Show; exhibition "sprint" lasting a month to promote up and coming young artists that will be alternated during the year, to the more traditional exhibits that our gallery has hosted so far in his first two years in business.

The protagonist of this first Flash Show is Paolo De Cuarto, artist born in Calabria eighties who, for several years now, lives and works in Milan, which do not qualify as a memory of a time that was, as the need to transmit remote meaning "nostalgia of beauty" and evoke a childhood lived through fragments of advertising images that take shape in parts of outdoor plaster.

'S work De Cuarto seems inspired by Pop Art and the New Realism, artistic past experiences of the consumer society daughters.

by which to better understand the artist's poetics we must mention the "contextualize" that we have been taught by Marcel Duchamp; "It's all done, it is ready, but extrapolate from its context may be an idea."

In these terms we mean advertising images taken from the universe citizen in order to rediscover an inner and individual dimension as that of children.

Unlike what happened in the past, where the work was based on the tearing, compression, storage and so on, in De Cuarto the "lived" effect comes from nowhere and and is cleverly constructed and recreated by the artist's hands.

The décollage Mimmo Rotella created between 1954 and 1964 are those that most affect the artist's sensibility which also, at a younger age, he had the opportunity to meet and work directly with the Master.

In this exhibition we are catapulted into a front dimension that goes back more than fifty years ago when the icon of infomercials and the waste product formed part of a logic of exaltation of tangible matter which had in the television evening Carousel its maximum expression.

In this context also the idea of ​​the fragment, or the choice to present the product in whole, but not selecting only a portion of it, leaving the rest to the imagination and as you look at his paintings memory.

These traces of time, the artist dusts off and readjusts, are what remains of advertising painted on the facades of the buildings from the late nineteenth and early twentieth century; the so-called Ghost Signs.

This kind of advertising painted wall disappeared since 1950 due to the economic boom which led to a multiplication of the dissemination products and consequently a need for continual renewal of print ads, more economically, on signs and posters scattered in city.

An 'other distinguishing feature of the work of De Cuarto is undoubtedly the randomness combined with the constant attention and precision in the use of tools and materials.

The contemporaneity of its language lies in the technique of carrying out the work: on a linen or jute base Cuarto De reproduces the plaster of the wall combining stucco, sand and glue; in this matter that is created you may also add other types of wastes and even coffee extract, used for darkening and aging the whole.

After spreading the dough with a spatula acts scratching the surface dry and also using a high-voltage lamp in such a way as to recreate the effect of wall "consumed" by atmospheric agents.

Surely, the works exhibited in the gallery, thanks to their authenticity and freshness, they will report the generations ranging from the 50s to the 70s, and beyond, to relive a magic nostalgic atmosphere passing through fragments of everyday life, ghost signs and posters; it's right here, between the visible and invisible, between past and present that begins the artist's way ... and also our.

Text taken from: "Paolo De Cuarto current interpretations of the new avant-garde: from posters and advertising images", Dissertation Samuela Sestini 2010/2011 Graduate, starring Matteo Da Dalt in collaboration with Giada Licastro

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