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Andrew Schoultz Ben Grasso Simmons & Burke | 2011


5 May to 2 July 2011
Geraldine Zodo catalog with essay
In collaboration with Jerome_Zodo Contemporary, Milan.
Opening Thursday, 5 May 2011 18:30

L 'Cultural Association Ars Now Seragiotto inaugurated Thursday, May 5, 2011 at 18.30 the exhibition "Burn in the U.S.A." which will have three American artists characters: Ben Grasso, the duo Simmons & Burke and Andrew Schoultz.

This exhibition follows the visual fragments of the new overseas polyphony, discordant running, but common to the same live, what American. The motion of the form, the shape of the motorcycle made in U.S.A. returns to Italy, stopping in Padua, in neutral and linear spaces of the gallery, which by bringing together in a collective three young promises, expressed the will to move towards the US coast. From the shores of the east-coast of New York where he lives and works, the painter Ben Grasso, to the shores of the west-coast of Los Angeles, home to Case Simmons and Andrew Burke, passing the bay of San Francisco, the city by the artist Andrew Schoultz . An ideal process as exhibition to learn about and showcase the latest avant-garde of the new American generation.

A game of similarities between the words BORN and BURN - literally born and burns - born syllogism BURN IN THE U.S.A. cha as well as providing the exhibition its title, inevitably recalls the song and the album of the same name - Born in the U.S. (born in the United States of America) - Bruce Springsteen. Published in 1984 to more than thirty million copies sold shoulders, still remains the symbol and flag of American voice; if yesterday was the patriotic outcry against the effects of war in Vietnam, today acts as interpreter to young contemporary artistic vibrations of the country.

Three to distant, three different schools, from the pictorial subject to digital recreations until activism meta-urban. Ben Grasso, the duo Simmons & Burke, and Andrew Schoultz in the sharing of Padua space, structured in a visual world the latest American art prerogatives.

During the exhibition, a bilingual catalog will be published containing the text of Geraldine Zodo and images of the exhibits.

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